Concrete Mixer Semi Trailer

Nova Trailer produce Concrete Mixer Semi Trailer with 6 cylinder engine option from Euro 3 to Euro 6. We offer high quality Concrete Mixer Semi Trailer with different specification according to customer requirement and we produce mixer trailer drums with hardox or special steel consideration with Imer brand

  • What kind of items we can transport with concrete mixer semi trailer?
  • You can transport Concrete, Cement

Concrete Mixer Semi Trailer Highlights

– Euro 3 to Euro 6, 6 cylinder engine– Air, Mechanical or Bogie Suspension
– Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system– Strength Chassis Construction
– BPW, SAF or Certificated Turkish Axles– Front Axle Lifting
– Wabco ABS and EBS brake system– Steel or Aluminum Rims
– JOST or Turkish brand parking leg and king pin

Concrete Mixer Semi Trailer Technical Details;

Nominal capacity: 12.7 m3
Geometrical volume: 19,930 m3
Capacity in water: 13,040 m3
Drum speed: 0‐14 rev/min
Filling capacity: 14”/m3
Unloading capacity: 14” — 40”/m3 depending on concrete slump
Total Weight (empty): 9.500 kgs
Rollers n.: 2 diam. 280 mm
Minimum width: 2.500
Drum walls made in 30MnB5 anti—wear resistant steel –‐ HB 200/220 N/mm2 (4mm thickness)
Mixing blades made in 30MnB5 anti–‐wear resistant steel –‐ HB 200/220 N/mm2 (4mm thickness)
H version: by P.T.O. on truck engine
In cabin control and back side with control box
Eaton 64 (110 cm3/rev) variable displacement hydraulic pump with 25 cm3/rev feeding pump
Eaton 54 (89.2 cm3/rev) fixed displacement hydraulic motor
LT PMP 2.8 (70.000 Nm) double stage planetary gearbox
AKG integrated oil cooler with 12 lt oil tank, thermostat control and absorption filter
650 lt steel water tank with indicator and there will be pressure
•      180° swivelling discharging chute with support and mechanical jack for lifting
•      2 Polystone lightweight extension chutes with holders
•      Anti-wear resistant plate on discharging hopper
•      Inspection manhole
•      Inspection ladder
•      Wash off hose on ladder pedestal
•      Drum lock (for safety maintenance operations)
•      Mixer frame “Tubular Mixer Frame” shaped:
•      180 X 80 X 8 mm S355J0 TS EN 10219-2
•      Carrying rollers made in C45 special steel
•      Steel surfaces shot blasted in SA 2,5 grade
•      Double primed in antirust painting
•      Discharge cone part fixed on the chassis at back side
•      Rear guard will be 3 level
•      Right and Left sides have water valve
•      There will be rubber on the cone
-6 x Short mudguards
-1 x Plastic tool box with standard wheel tools (at the left side)
-1 x Closed type metal box for one unit spare tire carrier
-2 x 3M reflector side and rear
–      Oil Cooler: 24 Volt Rasa Radiator ( It will be sent separated )
–      Water Manometer will be 45 degree to back side for operator
–      Hydraulic Pressure meter will be looking at back side
–      The hydraulic pump to put on tractor head, supports for montage, couplings to PTO and necessary flexibles will be delivered separated.
–      The water counter and all water accessories will be turned to the backside, so that driver see them while unloading
–      Rear slump meter near the water counter, looking to the backside
–      Hydraulic crank chute support with manual pump instead of hydraulic pump
–      650LT Water Tank system
–      Steel funnel chute ø=185 for PVC Tube
–      2 Additional polystone extention chute L=1000 mm
–      1 Additional Main Over Chute ( First Unloading Chute White one )
–      Standart 2 Pieces Controller of mixer ( One will be sent separated )
–      Additive tank 60 Lt
–      At top of the stairs on working area there will be a working light and turning light
Strengthened “I” section centre members are welded automatically by submerged welding machine. They are welded between 120/14 mm bottom or top steel plate and 5 mm hub plate.
Turkish Brand, BPW or SAF 3 x 9,12,14,16 Ton axles brake drum or disc
There are brake shoes and heavy brake levers suitable for TSE norms
It is supplied with Turkish brand of 6 pcs of air cushion with Z leaf spring or mechanical leaf spring suspension with 12 mm x12 pcs of layer with 100 mm width
Wabco or Knorr brand ABS or EBS braking system will be used.
1 Axles with T 30/30 emergency brake chamber,2 axles with T 30 service brake chambers
Sa-Ba or Aspöck Brand Led lights ADR suitable
2×7 pin sockets – 24V, lights according to SAE standards
Rear stop LED lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light fitted
2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)
2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)
1 license plate lamp (white)
Electrical system is suitable for Europen Norms
385/65 R22,5 or 12 R22,5 or 13 R22,5 or 315/80 R22,5 Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental
 11.75 R22.5 Jantsa-Jantas Brand
Jost  or equivelent Turkish brand OMS DIN 74080 standards 2’’ or 3,5’’ king pin detachable from below made by SAE standards 8 bolt type. With E certificate.
Turkish brand two speed landing gears;
Telescopic, mechanical conveyor
Dynamic Lift Capacity: 25 Tonnes
Static Lift Capacity : 50 Tonnes
Low Gear Position : 0.98 mm / Rev
High Gear : 10,0 mm / Rev
After the construction process, all trailers ( Chassis + Body ) sand blasted
Before the painting, all parts are cleaned carefully
Epoxy gray is used for first protecting primer coating as 50 micron
2 Times of KANSAI ( AKZO ) Brand, Premium acrilic paints applied on complete trailer
The color of trailer is selected by customer requested according to RAL codes…………
Painting thickness to be 100 micron, and all painting process to be submitted with certifications

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